One question that I am frequently asked by people who know very little about search engine optimisation is how to spell SEO.
I tell them in no uncertain terms that they should leave things like this to the experts, rather than trying to do things that are so complex themselves. In most cases, they will cause more problems than solutions, which means that when they finally get round to employing a high powered consultant to do the work for them, there is much more work to do.
While I am all in favour of spreading as much information as possible to the uninitiated, there are some secrets that I am simply unable to share, including how to spell SEO, although this is the kind of information that is often the subject of our conferences.
If you do want to learn how to spell SEO, then it is worth signing up for one of our online training seminars where you can also learn the secrets of SEO that will bring success to your business – including how to improve your meta keyword targeting!