People are always asking me for my help with their SEO problems, and within the constraints of a proper commercial agreement, I am always happy to provide them with the benefits of my insights and peerless knowledge of the world of search engine optimisation.

At a recent conference where I was the guest of honour, I gave an incredibly well received presentation about some highly advanced SEO techniques including semantic meta optimisation and alt link distribution within a latent eigenvector construct.  As a result of my inspirational speaking engagement, I was approached to be the public face of the SEO Cock Stars Blog, and to help them to develop their product.

One of the key points of this blog is that it is to be a source of free information for people who are keen to learn about the absolute cutting edge of search engine optimisation.  A resource for learning where ordinary people can discover techniques from the most advanced thinkers in the SEO field – such as myself – that they can try and use on their own websites.

The only thing that is for sure about this site is that by following the advice you will find here, you are going to be ranking at number one for all of your target keywords really soon.


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