Writing websites is completely different to any other medium, and experienced SOE professionals spend years perfecting the best way to write words properly in HTML.  There are many different factors that need to be considered, and the most important ones are including the right semantic definition protocols, structuring your content with enough linguistic emphasis vectors, and the keyword density.

The 3 imporant content optimisation factors

The 3 imporant content optimisation factors

Arguably, the most  important consideration however is keyword density.  This one metric can make a huge difference to the ranking potential of any web page, and getting the keyword density right can more or less guarantee that your page will be at number one in all of the big search engines the minute it is loaded.

What is Keyword density?

The simplest definition of keyword density is “the latent probability frequency under which a specific linguistic structure occurs within larger semantic distribution”.  For convenience, keyword density is typically expressed as a percentage.

The reason why keyword density is important is that it provides an indication of how machine readable your content is.  While most people are able to understand different concepts and emotions, the Googler is not.  To be able to read HTML, the Googler is more like a giant killer robot than a person.  It looks for words and compares them with the big word list at the Googleplex to decide what the document is about.  By using the proper keyword density of a document, it is possible to tell the Googler exactly what the page is about, and then it can make it rank:

How Google treats a page with the right keyword density

How Google treats a page with the right keyword density

How to calculate keyword density:

The easiest way to the calculate keyword density of a give piece of text is using the following function:

correct method for calculating keyword density

correct method for calculating keyword density

By applying this function to your document keyword density calculations, you will return a percentage number.

The right keyword density

For any document, the correct keyword density value should be 16.7% because this is the point at which the words will make the optimum amount of sense to the Googler.  This means that you need to use your keyword once in every 6 words on the page.  If your target phase is two words long, you will need to use it once for every 12 words and so on.  The following is a perfectly optimised paragraph with a one word target:

Kippers are important as a source of salt.  Kippers are tasty and yellow.  You can buy kippers online from the kippers websites where kippers cost around £1 per packet of kippers.  You normally get around 6 kippers in each pre sealed packet of kippers you buy.

There is no question that this paragraph would rank number 1 for the word “kippers” provided that other on page elements such as the semantic definition protocols, and the linguistic emphasis vectors were correctly placed.

Happy optimsing