I was recently involved in a special technology retreat with some of the leading tech bloggers, and as you would expect, we all started talking about search engines and where the next challenger for the Google might come from.

There are loads of start ups at the moment, and picking one of them is pretty hard, because they are all equally amazing, however the name that everyone seemed to be talking about was one called “bing”.

Bing, which you can try for yourself at Bing.com, is a search engine like Google or Cuill, but with a twist – it works on Windows, unlike most of the other search engines where you have to access them through the internet.

Of course the big question for SOE professionals is “How do I rank better in Bing for my main keywords?”

In order to find out, I made a phone call to a leading engineer at Microsoft to ask him what the key to number one rankings in Bing was, but apparently (typical Microsoft!) it is a secret, and they can’t make it public.

Luckily, I have managed to run some tests on this new search engine, and got the answers that the SOE world needs!

There are many similarities between Bing and other search engines.  Like Google, Bing has a special electronic robot that they have trained to read HTML.  The Bingle is apparently just as clever as the Googler, only bigger.  It is kept in one of Bill Gates’ air conditioned garages near Seattle, so it is cold and bitter.  As a result of its bitterness, it will not forgive any errors on your pages.

Things to consider for ranking better in Bing

Things to consider for ranking better in Bing

The key factors that you need to remember to rank well in Bing are as follows:

Use a .Net domain

these are like the .net framework and can fool the Bingle

Write your pages in .aspx

Bingle cannot understand HTML properly, and reacts badly to php

Do not use Flash or AJAX

Bingle can only understand Silverlight

Host your website on an IIS Server

Bingle cannot interface with Apache, and any sites on Apache will not be included in Bing

Code your pages using Front Page

The Bingle is incompatible with the code used by other software, and can get broken by it. Once Bingle breaks, it takes almost an hour to start again, and it will not come back to your website.