A question I often get asked by up and coming SOE types is how they can find some more linking juices for their webs.  As we all know, the more linking juice that a web has, the more page ranks it has, and the more likely it is that you will find it at number 1 in the lists.

What is Linking Juice

When the internets were first made back in 2001, it was easy to run the system properly just by plugging it into the wall:

Original Internet Power Structure

Original Internet Power Structure

Sadly, as more people got webs, it became harder to plug them all in.  Thankfully, Steve Jobs came up with a great idea for powering the internets properly, and this is called linking juice.  Instead of needing to plug all of the webs into a proper power supply, Steve Jobs and his 10 strong research team came up with a way of powering websites using HTML.  Quite simply, it became possible to use a web kit to pass web energy from one page to another using a “link” so rather than needing a separate power supply for every web, you just needed to plug in a few pages, and these could pass their juiciness onto the rest on the internets:

Link juice getting passed around

Linking juice getting passed around

Linking juice is passed from website to another along links.  The closer your webs are to the power supply, the more juice that they contain.  Websites that are plugged in to the mains supply are like wikipedia, Yahoo, and Google.

The great thing about linking juice is that the more you have going to your webs, the more they can do:

  • 1 x link juice = text only
  • 2 x link juice = HTMLified text
  • 3 x link juice = include pictures
  • 4 x link juice = use forms
  • 5 x link juice = shop

If you have more than 10 link juices, your website has enough power to support being Googled, which means that you can start to be searched.

Clearly, the more linking juices that you have, the more pages you can have in your webs, and the more people will be able to come and visit our webs.  Google like websites with many link juices, and once you have more than 100 link juices, and at least 3 page ranks, you can normally get some number ones and lots of clicks.

Getting more linking juice

Given that more linking juice means more clickers coming from Alta Vista and Google, SOE people are competing to get the most linking juices to their website as they can.    The best way of getting linking juice is to send an email to another web owner and ask them to link to you.  When you do this, make sure they are not an SOE, as some people with a bit of SOE skill will not link to you, because they know that giving away link juice is bad.  Here’s an email you can send:

Dear Mr Yahoo
Did you know about my website www.seocockstars.com?  It’s good.  I like your website too, but it is not very useful, and does not need to have links.
Please will you link to my internet from all of your pages.

You will need a lot of links to get yourself enough linking juice to get you to the top of the pile, so you might need to send a lot of emails.  Always be nice to the people you are emailing.

Some web owners do not like to share their linking juice with other people, so you might need to offer them something in return.  Here’s a good way of asking, although you need to tell people not to tell Googlers, because they’re against this kind of advertising:

Dear Mr Yahoo
I am sorry to hear that you did not want to link to my website seocockstars.com from every page on your website yahoo.com.  I will give you £5 if you will do the linking.  It is really important to my users, as without linking juice, I cannot really get pictures to work proper.
Also, please do not tell Google.



Good luck with getting more linking juice for your webs.