Pandas are the hottest trend in SOE right now, and pretty much every SOE expert has been looking at ways to get one for their sites.  Sites that have been given a panda by Google are rumored to get a +5 bonus on their Pageranking, and a 0.5 addition to their relevancy score for all searches.

Google have been really secretive about how ordinary web owners can get their own panda bonus, but despite the rarity of a Google Panda, savvy webbers have managed to come up with some sure fire ways of getting one quickly.

Attracting a Panda

In the wild, pandas are said to be voracious eaters, spending up to 20 hours a day gorging on whatever snacks they can find, and Google’s robot pandas are thought to be very similar – except instead of swinging through the trees gobbling jungle chips like real pandas, they read up to 10 average size websites a minute eating words.

The Googler's Panda

The Googler's Panda

Google’s pandas use a technology called a content vector to find interesting web pages.  The more pages that they can find, the stronger the content vectors become, and the more the panda is attracted to the page.  If you have enough pages in your web, you will be able to bait a panda and take full advantage.

Keeping a Panda

Real panda’s get bored fast, and are known as nature’s tarts because they spend so much of their time running around and getting into romantic scrapes.  Google’s mechanical pandas are a bit like that, and if they get bored they have a tendency to run away and find someone else.

Once a Googling panda has arrived in your web, you need to keep it for as long as possible.  The panda will only stay for as long as it has something to read, so it is really important to keep it interested.  Some tests have suggested that a Googler Panda needs as much as 10,000 words a day or it gets bored and starts to cheat on you with a competitors website.

Keeping a Google Panda

Keeping a Google Panda


Pandas might be quite flighty creatures in real life, but according to rumours I’ve heard from deep inside the real Googleplex, each Google Panda uses military grade cognitive semantics and becomes exclusively fixated on a subject.  The more similar you can make the pages in your web without making them exactly the same, the more easy it is to trap the panda inside your web and continue to get the benefit of him on your rankings.

Good luck with your pandas.

Happy optimising