For any SOE professional, there is nothing more frustrating that doing everything that you think needs doing to a website and still not be at number one.  You might have updated the eigenvector distribution and upgraded the meta keyword semantics until you’re blue in the face, but you still don’t see any benefits.  It’s frustrating, and can make you wonder where you’re going wrong.

Something that a lot of less experienced SOE professionals often overlook is alt texts optimisation.  Very few people realise the power that alt texts have to help you rank well, and they are still one of the best kept secrets in SOE.  Thankfully, they are very easy to implement on your web site with the addition of just a few hundred lines of code on every page of your website.

If you imagine that the Meta Keywords tag is used to provide a semantic guidance protocol at a page level of your website, and inform search engines what the whole content of the page is, the alt texts are used to explain certain smaller elements of the page for search engines:

Alt texts tell the googler about your page

Alt texts tell the googler about your page

Because the Googler is able to see the HTML code that makes up your website, it can read tags like alt tags very easily, and use them to understand how important your pages are.  Basically, whenever the Googler sees an alt text on your page, it knows more about what it is seeing.  This is because the Googler is like the Rain Man, and although it is as clever as a scientist, it can’t understand properly and gets confused.

You should add alt texts to the following things within the document vector hierarchy within your pages:

  • pictures
  • links

If you have an image on your page, you should make sure that you tell the Googler exactly what it would see if it had proper eyes.  You should make sure that you include all of your keywords in the alt texts.  If you had a picture of a girl on your web site about loans, you should text it up like this:

<img src="girl.png" alt="this pretty girl is happy to get loan and borrow loans from lending money with good interest, no fax loan, payday, finance, laon, and mortgage finance credit bad" />

By doing this, you can tell the googler exactly what the picture is and improve your SOE.

When you are using alt texts on links, you should include all of the meta keywords that are used on the page that you are linking to.  This gives you the best semantic distribution, and ensures that all the eigenvectors line up properly.  If you are linking to a page about dogs, your alt text might look like this:

<a href="dogs.html" alt="dog, dogs, canine, labrador, alsation, chihuahua, shi'tzu, pug, doggie, fido, rover, gnasher, lassie, collie, west highland terrier, terriers, schnauzer" />

It is important to remember that the Googler can get bored if you use too many words in your alt texts.  When we have done experiments, we have found that you can use 137 different keywords in each alt text.

Happy optimising


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