A mistake that many would be SOE professionals make when doing the optimisation of websites is not to get enough websites to link to them.  While things like Meta Keyword inclusion and a proper robots file will help you to do well in search engines like DogPile, to get the good rankings in top 6 search engines like Bingle and the Google, you will also need to get a load of Page Ranks, and this means that you need a lot of links.

How Google uses Links

How Google uses Links

Essentially, the Googler needs to use website links to move from one page to another.  It does this through a path of understanding called the recognition conduit, which allows it to calculate an eigenvector distribution variable from the number of links available in a gaussian vector space and correlate this with the meta keyword density and occurrence strata.  Once the Recognition conduit has been calculated, The Googler can make a copy of the page and store it in its data banks for future reference.

Something that not many people know is that it is possible to find out how many links a website has without having to count them all. When you find out how many links a website has, you can tell how hard it will be to get higher than them in the search engines.

Most people use the Internet to look for information.  It turns out that Google thinks that the best sites for “information” are Wikipedia and ICO.gov.uk.  These have the following numbers of links:

THis is how many links you need to rank for information

This is how many links you need to rank for information

So, you would need 126million and one links to rank number one for information, but only 87 links to rank at number 2.

The question that many webmasters ask when they first hear about how important lots of page ranks are when improving their ranking is where do they get them from.  In SOE, there are 5 types of link:

There are 5 types of link

There are 5 types of link

Directory links are links in directories online.  These are great because many directories are very popular, and people use them to look for things.  When you are getting directory links you need to be very careful about how you describe your website.  Make sure you include the proper meta keywords with your submission.  These types of links are very powerful.  A good website should have about 50,000 directory links, which are worth about 1.25 page ranks from Google.

Many websites will let you add a comment to the guest book.  You can normally add a link at the same time.  When you get guest book links you can normally add about 100 links to your home page into the comment you make.  For every 25 guestbooks, you will get 0.5 Page ranks up to a maximum of 1.25.

If you register for a new forum, you will be able to post a link to your website.  To be certain that search engines find it, add your link to every discussion.  You will get a quarter of a page rank for every 10 forums up to a maximum of 1.5 page ranks.

reciprocal links are the second best kind of link.  You get them from other websites.  The best thing to do to find these is to send an email to the owner of a website and tell them to link to you and you will link back.  The secret to good reciprocal linking is not to link back – if you do, you will only get a hundredth of a page rank for every link.  Otherwise, you get 1 page rank for every 4 links up to a maximum of 2.

The most powerful links are sold.  They cost around $15 per Page rank, which is worth paying.  You get 2 page ranks for every 3 links up to a maximum of 4.

In order to get the full 10 page ranks, you need to get the following:

The number of links you need for 10 Page Ranks

The number of links you need for 10 Page Ranks

Once you have all these links, you will have full page ranks, and it is not worth getting any more links, as they will have no more effect for that key word.

Each full set of 10 Page Ranks will allow you to rank at number one for a single search word, so you should spread out the number of links that you get over each one of your keywords so that you can rank for all of them.

Wikipedia has enough Page Ranks to be number 1 for almost 100,000 different keywords which means that it can earn millions of pounds an hour from adsense!

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