SOE is one of the most powerful tools that you can have for your internet website, and it can really help you to get more visitors from search engines, however it is not always obvious to the Googler or Binger just who is doing good SOE on their website, and who is not.

In some cases, websites have special meta keywords on their pages that have not taken into account the best semantics for the page , but this is not the same as doing the SOE in full and considering other factors like value distribution conduits or usage vectors.

In order to get the most out of your SOE efforts, it is important to tell the search engines about what work you have done.  By doing that, you will get the full benefits of your SOE, rather than having to rely on the Googler having to find all of the things you have done.  This will give you a quicker boost to your rankings.


A lot of SOE professionals like to buy links for their websites, and this is a great way of getting better positions if you don’t know better.  A link might cost anywhere from $5 to $5,000, so it is important to get the most out of it.  The best way of telling the Googler about your links is with the following Meta Tag:

<meta name="link" content=", $250" />

It is necessary to use a separate line for each paid link that you have bought for the page, and ideally you should order them with the most expensive first.  This makes it easier for the Googler to see how much you have spent on links and give you the right rankings:

Googler can find all of your links quicker by adding this tag

Googler can find all of your links quicker by adding this tag

Keyword Density

When the Googler looks at your page, it looks for the keyword density of your page. You should include the keyword density in your page header for the main keywords that you are targeting:

<meta name=”keyword-density” content=”KEYWORD1, 2.8873%” />

It is important to express the keyword density to four decimal places, because the Googler requires this level of accuracy to decide who is most relevant.

Link to SEO Company

The Googler knows all of the SOE companies in the world and how good they are – you can find this out by looking in the Google search directory using the keyword “SOE Optimisation Company”.   If you tell the Googler who you are using to do your SOE, they will know immediately how good the work is, and then be able to decide where you should rank for your keywords.

The best way to tell Google who you have used for your SOE work is by putting a link to them at the bottom of all the web pages in your website.  This should be as follows:

Good SOE Done by <a href="">SOE Optimisation Company</a>

If you are worried that this might mess up the design of your pages, your SOE company will be able to help you to make the text much smaller, or even use fancy CSS skills to blend the colour of the link with the background of the page and make it more attractive.

It is really important not to lie about who is doing your SOE – for example if you are a small company, and want to pretend that you are using a big company – as the Googler can ban you for this kind of behaviour.

Happy Optimising


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