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Using Semantic Hierarchies to Create Optimal Website Structures

When most people attempt to build a website, they get all the things wrong that I would get right, and as a result leave themselves needing the services of an SOE professional in order to put the wrong things right. While most of the things that people get wrong can be put right, there are other things that can not.  At least without making the client an entirely new web site out of fresh HTML.

The main problem that I see when I am mending websites is one of semantic hierarchies that have been incorrectly structured according to the best principals of linguistic branching.  Essentially, people put the right page in the wrong place, and then put the wrong words on the pages in the wrong places so that the only person who knows what should go where, and where to go to get what you want is them.

This is not a great situation to be in.  Whenever I am faced with a problem where the website does not use semantic hierarchies in order to create optimal  website structures, or fails to incorporate eigenvector considerations, or latent semantic distribution, I find that the preferred solution is to implement a radical paradigm re-definition at the core levels of interpretative correlation.

While this might sound inordinately complex, this is largely due to the vast technical knowledge required to be a top level SOE practitioner.  Anyone who  remembers the Minnesota update will be able to appreciate the sheer elegance in implementation of the distributive synthesis of vagary that this represents.

Ultimately of course, this blog is all about helping other people to expand their SOE knowledge to the point where they are able to deliver the kind of insight and re-evaluative knowledge required by modern web masters who need the assistance of an SOE.  With this in mind, I have added a diagram of a sample semantic hierarchy below that can  easily be implemented on most websites in order to create an optimal structure for rankings success:

Correct Semantic Hierarchy

Correct Semantic Hierarchy

By using this simple semantic hierarchical structure and combining it with the correct distribution of high quality eigenvector sculpting throughout the web site, the Googlers will be able to find and better understand your content and  reduce the need for complicated additional syntactic structures within your web site.

Combining a sensibly ordered latent eigenvector strategy within the internal semantic and syntactic structure of your website with correctly implemented meta keywords elements will give your website a genuine boost in its Google rankings, and is also very good help if you want to do well in the Hotbot search engine too.

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How to spell SEO

One question that I am frequently asked by people who know very little about search engine optimisation is how to spell SEO.
I tell them in no uncertain terms that they should leave things like this to the experts, rather than trying to do things that are so complex themselves. In most cases, they will cause more problems than solutions, which means that when they finally get round to employing a high powered consultant to do the work for them, there is much more work to do.
While I am all in favour of spreading as much information as possible to the uninitiated, there are some secrets that I am simply unable to share, including how to spell SEO, although this is the kind of information that is often the subject of our conferences.
If you do want to learn how to spell SEO, then it is worth signing up for one of our online training seminars where you can also learn the secrets of SEO that will bring success to your business – including how to improve your meta keyword targeting!

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My Recent Presentation

In my recent post, I mentioned the presentation that I gave at the ultra exclusive Tech Genius Conference in Aspen. While this presentation was a very, very advanced subject, at or beyond the cutting edge of SEO, and a long way beyond the comprehension of most readers, I believe that it is definitely of enormous value to anyone who is even slightly interested in developing their skills to the next level.

By reading through the ideas in this presentation, you will be able to understand a great deal more about what is possible in the world of SEO:

I anticipate that you will find this information incredibly valuable.


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Launching the new SEO Cock Stars Blog

People are always asking me for my help with their SEO problems, and within the constraints of a proper commercial agreement, I am always happy to provide them with the benefits of my insights and peerless knowledge of the world of search engine optimisation.

At a recent conference where I was the guest of honour, I gave an incredibly well received presentation about some highly advanced SEO techniques including semantic meta optimisation and alt link distribution within a latent eigenvector construct.  As a result of my inspirational speaking engagement, I was approached to be the public face of the SEO Cock Stars Blog, and to help them to develop their product.

One of the key points of this blog is that it is to be a source of free information for people who are keen to learn about the absolute cutting edge of search engine optimisation.  A resource for learning where ordinary people can discover techniques from the most advanced thinkers in the SEO field – such as myself – that they can try and use on their own websites.

The only thing that is for sure about this site is that by following the advice you will find here, you are going to be ranking at number one for all of your target keywords really soon.


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