I was just doing some advanced research about some cutting edge SOE techniques for a presentation and training session I will be running later this month, when I noticed a stunning change to the Google home page.

It looks as though the company has rebranded as Googlle – with two Ls:

Is it possible that the Welsh have taken over Google?

Is it possible that the Welsh have taken over Google?

One possible reason for this change is that the company has been taken over by the Welsh.  This is not as unlikely as you might think.  Despite their reputation for being short, thick, and poor, the Welsh are actually quite astute when it comes to business, and thanks to the wealth of gold buried in their mountains, it is quite conceivable that they have sufficient resources to take over a large web searching engine company like Google.

I for one welcome our new Welsh leaders, and look forward to the chance to pit my wits against them in the never ending challenge of getting great rankings for my many fortune 500 clients.


Edit: 8:33pm

It seems as though I may have jumped the gun a little bit on this post.  Apparently the ll refers to this being Googles eleventh birthday, however I would still recommend being careful about the Welsh.


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